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Jaime Beck -Why More Frequent Does Not Mean More Meaningful When It Comes to Teacher Evaluation

In Commentary on May 16, 2014 at 7:00 am

Some thoughts from the thoughtful and excellent Jamie Beck (Department of Elementary Education, University of Alberta) on the recently released and controversial report from Alberta’s Task Force for Teaching Excellence. The report has been both praised and condemned by the Alberta Teacher’s Association, and has drawn all kinds of commentary, such as that of my co-Educational Policy Studier Laura Servage (reposted recently here and here). Jaimie’s perspective is interesting as it offers a defence of both constructivism and direct instruction, the former for its pedagogical soundness, the latter through a connection to teacher autonomy and, perhaps, the importance of internal variegation to the health of  any system. I might be reading this last point into Jaime’s post. If she sees me in the cafeteria, I hope she will confirm or correct me.


Why More Frequent Does Not Mean More Meaningful When It Comes to Teacher Evaluations – somanyjaimes.


COURSE OVERVIEW – EDPS 360: Society and Education

In Course Outline on September 1, 2013 at 11:18 am


T R 11:00 – 12:20
Sep 5 – Dec 3 (No Class Nov 12)


Education (South) 228 (or other by consensus)

Course Readings
To be provided by the instructor, placed on reserve, and/or linked to on eClass, Google Docs/Drive, and/or this Blog. No $ required.

Course evaluation

  • Reading/Viewing/Listening Log (10%)
  • Cooperative Blog Posts (10% = 2 @ 5%)
  • A Term Paper (30% = 2 drafts @ 7.5% + a final version @ 15%)
  • A take home Final Exam (30%)
  • Class Participation (Self-Eval.) (10%)
  • Class Participation (Instructor Eval.) (10%)

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