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What are our real choices?

In Cooperative Blog Posts on October 10, 2013 at 7:45 am


As I was reading this article (Kachur, “Privatizing Public Choice”) and after a few class discussions about should parents have the right to choose which school their children should attend? I was a bit confused, because I thought parents already do choose which schools they send their kids. After reading this article, I had a bit more understanding at what the question was really asking. I was looking at this eissue in a different mindset and cultural view. In my family throughout my k-12 education years, my parents and the rest of my family had a different set of criteria when choosing schools for myself or my cousins. They did not look at grading standards for each schools because they had complete faith and trust in the school system and their methods of education. What they looked for in choosing schools was for mobility, accessible public transportation, and family heritage. My family tends to pick schools Read the rest of this entry »

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