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Social protest: balance, democracy, truth

In Cooperative Blog Posts on October 24, 2013 at 7:47 am

Just because we have freedom of speech, doesn’t mean we get to say whatever we want. This is how we feel after watching the documentary “Discordia” which follows the lives of three activists at Concordia University after the September 9th 2002 riot. The video follows three students; Samer Elatrash, Noah Sarna, and Aaron Maté. While following the three students around campus the video shows a campus filled with chaos. Samer is the head Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights group and Noah is head of the Hillel Jewish students group. These are the groups in conflict during the documentary; with Aaron Maté, the vice president of the Concordia Students Association, representing the mediation between both groups.

With the riot came active “debates” that took place between the two opposing side in the hallways of the school. The discussion never seemed to have a true focal point, and tend to become racial accusations. Both groups, in some situations, have ample evidence and cause for their case; however neither group is willing to hear the others point of view. So when arguments do come up between the groups, they turn into racist claims and name games meant to attack the other group. No group can ever make an argument without the other claiming that they are being: racist, anti-Semitic, Nazi’s (somehow), or Read the rest of this entry »

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